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Missouri Bullet Co is a small, but growing company. One of the drawbacks is where they are located in rural Missouri. Having met Brad and Jo Ann, I can imagine they try to take care of their employees.

I wish it was as simple as "OK, you have the job." But the reality of it is, the paperwork involved, the lack of motivated job seekers (When you can make more money/benefits through unemployment and food stamps and housing assistance, etc...), the cost of raw materials, taxes, etc, etc, etc.

Jobs here in this part Missouri are averaging $7.50 ~ $9.85 an hour. (I got that figure from the local career center.) Even with the college located close by, the price of gas quickly eats away at your paycheck.

On the plus side, Brad has said us old customers will still be able to order directly from the factory. If I were able to do more than get in their way, I would volunteer at the factory for a few boxes of bullets a month.
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