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Also would suggest making sure your local city/town/HOA does not have some type of prohabition against running a business from your home. Or that they don't place additional requirements on how you have to register and run a firearms based business.
This is a must! The ATF WILL check with your local government office to see if you are permitted to have/operate a business from your home. If the answer is no then no FFL. Do yourself some justice/good check all this out before sending the application and money to the ATF.
From your OP to me, it sounds like you have the cart in front of the horse as in this statement,
What should I expect during the site interview? I know that I need to be ready to start up within 30 days of receiving my license so I will have that rolling before submitting my application.
Question, what happens if after the interview you are turned down and denied? That ball of yours thats rolling is going to crash into a wall with a full head of steam.

My opinion again, put your thinking cap back on.
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