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Seems funny that even with these lame laws, we still have kids carrying guns to school and shooting people. Here in OH we just had an incident in Chardon but we are not here to discuss silly politics. The church that I attend also has a K-12 school. The church and the school are separate, detached buildings. There is about 12 members that have their CCW but only about 4 of us carry on a regular basis. Our pastor and a few of the staff know who those people are. A few of the CCW holders are staff. As long as the pastor is informed and is comfortable with you carrying it is legal to carry in a church. My children at one time did attend the school. When I would pick them up or be on school grounds, I did carry. If I would attend a sporting event or other function that I was going to be in the school building, I would secure my weapon in the car. If I was their to pick them up, I continued to carry.
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