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No disrespect to your buddy,it is wise to be very selective about whose reloads you shoot.

Since you are getting started,I suggest you get two reloading manuals and read the material about the reloading process carefully.Which manuals?Matter of opinion.I like to have one for the bullets I use,and one for the powder I use is good.,example,a Nosler or Sierra and a Hogdon .
I have heard it said a Lee is a good one to get.

And,just so you do not have to learn the hard way:

Buy your powder in new,sealed cans.No opened gun show 1/2 cans.You won't truly know what powder is in them.

Read the label twice,and even say it out loud on the powder can,primers,too.

Those powder cans all look alike,sometimes.

Using the wrong powder by mistake can be really bad.

And,just have one kind of powder on the bench.
,Keep asking questions.
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