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Definition of straw purchase in Minnesota?

I recently purchased a weapon on for my self to use for target and a more comfortable gun for my wife to use as my 9mm intimidates her a little bit. i went to my local gun range (of which i am a member) and asked if they would do the FFL transfer. No problem i was told. had it shipped and went to pick it up when it arrived. my exact words were "I finally have gotten my wife interested in shooting so I purchased this gun to keep her intrested because she is a little afraid of mine she is going to be so excited". was told by the range that this is a straw purchase and they will not be able to transfer it to me? My wife would meet all the the criteria to be able to purchase herself (i dont even think she has had a speeding ticket in 10 years) I am liscensed and have the right to purchase in this state. I am buying it as much for myself as for her (sick of paying for 9mm ammo to practice shooting). I cant foursee ever passing ownership to her. I would never purchase a weapon for anyone including family. is the range right not to transfer it to me? already paid for to a different company +shipping and they want to send it back?
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