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Getting close, alllllmost there.....

I ran into a guy shooting this last weekend in the mountains. He was shooting a Glock 17 with an AAC suppressor. Turns out he has a business and sells firearms and suppressors.

He gave me his card

I've been convinced for a while that I wanted to get a Glock 21sf and a "can" for my first "silencer" experience. Yes, of course, because the .45 is subsonic. After meeting with this guy, and him letting me shoot his gun, I'm blown away at the potential for quiet 9mm shooting. The guy was shooting 158gr factory fmj ammo with an AAC can and Lone Wolf barrel. It was amazing, if I shot into the snow, I heard virtually nothing, if I shot into a log, then I'd hear a snap. Then switching to 115gr ammo, i'd hear a crack (of course)

At this point, I'm thinking that I'd like to just get a suppressor for MY glock 17. Then I dont have to spend so much money for a new gun, new mags, more expensive ammo, AND the suppressor. But here is my concern......

We all know that a .45 ACP fmj slug is a good defensive round. But a pencil point fmj 9mm will zip right through with minimal damage. One of my questions is, are there 9mm rounds that are heavy enough to be subsonic which are also expansive enough to transfer energy into the target? I would think for general range use, I'd probably pick up a bunch of 158 gr fmj ammo to enjoy absolute quiet, and if I wanted to go cheaper and was ok with some extra noise, I'd use regular 115gr fmj. But for defence I would want to have sub sonic ammo AND a hollow point of some sort.

I could use some advice on all that.

Also, I've read some about reliability with different barrels, suppressors and ammo. My last question is.... Can I buy an AAC can, Lone wolf barrel, put them with my Glock 17, and expect it to be as reliable as it's always been? If not, why? And what would I need to concern myself with to get optimum reliability?

Thank a ton to anyone who can help. Right now I'm very close to investing in a suppressor for my enjoyment, and for the reduction of noise polution And I'd greatly appreciate anyone's opinions or advice

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