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I have never been denied, but I have had a "warrent" for my arrest back many years before there was a GCA1968.

I was drivinng down the road in my 1958 Ford retractible hardop (it was almost new then) and I was stopped for a license plate light being out. I replaced the bulb while the deputy was writing out the equipment ticket. He said take this and your repaired light for the cor to the Sheriff's office and get it checked off. Well, it was Saturday, and it was night time, and I was on my way to Canada and would not be back for 3 months. Didn't matter, I had to have it check at the Sheriff's office within 2 weeks. I continued on my trip...and...when I got back to that county, I was stopped again, except this time I had a warrent out for my arrest...for that license plate light ticket. Instead of being a free inspection, it cost me $50...expensive in 1960.
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