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Other than hornady FTX, I have never seen 30-30 rounds loaded with pointed bullets, most pointed bullets simply wouldn't work in a 30-30....
The ogive on most .30 cal spire point bullets to too shallow for 30-30. In order to load to the correct COAL, the bullet would be so deep in the case that there would be space between the case mouth and the bullet.
The hornady FTX bullet has a very steep ogive to keep the COAL correct, its not an "ideal" shape, but its better than round, so there is a performance increase.

Such is the case with most bullets with round profiles still in use out there today. In order to have a properly pointed bullet, would require the COAL to be too long, so they stick with round nose, because significantly changing the COAL would mean the bullet wont work in many guns chambered for it, so the ammo makers out there wont do it. You could do it yourself in a one-off project, but there's not much point to it, unless its something that you just want to do for whatever reason....
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