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How do you mete powder?

How do you mete powder?

Dipper only
Dipper, then scale and trickle up to weight
Measure only (not mounted on press)
Measure, then scale and trickle up to weight
Measure mounted on press
Scale or scale and trickler only
Electronic Dispenser

If you please, would you estimate how many rounds a year you load with each method?

Using a scale to check a sampling of the other method does not count as using a scale.

Of those who use dippers, who would be interested in an easy way to dip or scoop directly from the original powder bottle/jug without transferring to an intermediate bowl?

Of those who use a powder measure to dispense powder charges off-press, would you be interested in being able to dispense directly from the original powder bottle/jug instead of having to fill (and subsequently empty) the dispenser reservoir?

Would the ability to go direct from the original bottle or jug influence your decision of how to handle powder?

I have been toying with a couple of ideas of how to simplify the charging of my cases by getting rid of the intermediate container between the powder jug and the cartridge cases. One enables dipping directly from the jug/bottle and the other attaches to the jug/bottle and allows dipping or dispensing direct into a funnel.

Thanks for your help

Lost Sheep

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