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One of the local gun shop employees recommended the Serpa to me when I bought my first Glock. I bought the holster, used it for some of my first IDPA competitions and used it in a 2-day defensive handgun class. While I never had a problem with it and had no ND's, I stopped using it after 6 months. Here's my own reasoning:

Using the locking tab adds a complicated series of motions. The index finger is "activated", flexing on the tab/button. You draw the gun out of the holster and the finger is supposed to fall on the frame. You then have to relax the finger, move it to the trigger guard, and then flex it again. Flex-press-relax-flex into trigger guard.

Compare that to a non-locking holster. Your index/trigger finger is extended or already relaxed while you draw the gun, then it flexes into the trigger guard. 2 steps instead of multiple steps

In non-stressful situations and even competitions with my Serpa, I can get a proper grip on the gun, hit the tab, and the finger falls on the frame. I'm completing my draw stroke without a problem.

But what if I'm in a stressful, life-threatening situation? Maybe I won't get that proper grip. Maybe my hand will be just a little high or just a little low on the grip, forcing my finger to be a little off. I might forget to relax the finger when I pull out and I'm so adrenalin pumped that my entire shooting hand balls up...and the finger slips into the trigger guard a little too early. Or I might miss the tab altogether and I'm trying to tug and tug on my gun while it stays locked in the holster. Or maybe it'll clear the holster and the shot breaks when I want it to.

Others will be happy with the holster, and will never have a ND with it-- that's all great. I never had a ND with a Serpa, but I'm not willing to keep taking chances with it. Too many uncertainties.

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