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Think I got it figured out!! Have you ever watched the looney tunes cartoon when they character feels like a jackass and they put a jackass head on the character? well I feel like that,,,as I stated it is a brand new rifle bought at wally mart never been shot by me, I tried putting an empty case into the chamber so I could see what was going on up in there and the case would not go all the way into the chamber, so I decided to clean it, and I cleaned the hell out of it, I couldnt believe how dirty it was, I mean the saturated patches that I ran through the barrel with cleaner came out as black as if I had been shooting it all day!
so, after a good cleaning I attempted to chamber a round, and presto!! it chambered my v max flawlessly but, I still had a bit of trouble with some rounds loaded with lake city brass, I`m not too worried about that cause I`m gonna give those back to the guy that loaded for me and I`m gonna stick with winchester brass,,thanks for all the help and input guys
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