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This is nuts....I've tryed picking one up on ebay and gunbroker and some jerk drives up the bid to well over retail. I've tried botachtactical, opticsplanet, B&H photo?...and just about every other decently priced business listed under google shopping. Either the website shows they're out of stock, or I get a backorder notice a day later.

Am I really going to have to shell out another $20-$30 for this red dot sight that was supposedly on sale from $60-$80 over the past few months?

Its funny, but it kills me...I've already spent $30 on 2 YHM 1/2" risers JUST for this optic and now I'm having this much trouble getting a reasonable deal on the sight.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Any money saved on optics is money put towards ammo.
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