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You want to serve a lawful warrant on me or my dwelling? Come up to the front door in uniform, knock, present your warrant specifying the items and areas to be searched per 4A, and in you will come - I'll hold the door for ya. Heck, I'll make coffee!
I was on a Narcotics Raid Team for about 5 years. Based on that, I reached the conclusion that the above was exactly how to run a Warrant. We never went to the wrong house but it was really rare for the Investigators to have things right like: the layout of the property, the location of any dope, the amount of dope or even if the house had a front door or not. I remember being told that the dope would get flushed if we didn't get in fast, if it’s such a small amount then let'm flush it. Anyway, I got out of that Team after they took us to a house where after 3 months of surveillance they knew that 'the garage is full of guns' and 'we'll kick in the front door'. We found one old .22 rifle under a bed and the front door had been boarded up for years.
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