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If the primers are high at all they are too high.

As you may be new to all this,if you are loading military surplus brass,study up on "crimped primers " and removing primer crimp.That can sure cause high primer problems.

Another issue I suspect;When you set up your bullet seater die,did you run it all the way down for a bump on the shellholder?

That does not work out .That die has a crimp function built in at the top of the stroke.If you force a too heavy crimp on a loaded round the shoulder will collapse.The case distorts,and the case diameter gets larger at the shoulder.That is what gets stuck.

Try backing up your seater die maybe 4 turns,then put a piece of brass in the shellholder,no bullet,run it up in the die ,full stroke and leave it.Then turn your die in till you feel it contact the case neck.Back it off an eighth or quarter turn,and lock the die down with the lock ring.

You might try using your calipers to check the diameter of your trouble rounds right at the shoulder and compare it to a piece of sized brass.Is the diameter bigger on the loaded round?

One other thing to check,is there any chance a portion of cartridge case is stuck in the chamber?

Keep looking till you find your problem,do not force the bolt closed!

Bad things could happen.
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