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dlbarr: The wife comes in here and sneaks up behind me for a peek at the 20" screen every so often when she gets lonely. I'm just trying to stay ahead of the game is all.

Didn't see all that much in the way of new B/P rifles guys. Sold down to just a few inlines on the shelf. No Lymans no T/Cs no Triditions just a couple of Kit CVAs >Wolf is it called? So, Gander Mtn get ready I'm on my way.

Hawg Haggen
that curved butt plate doesn't go against your shoulder. It goes against your upper arm.
Tell me about it. Nice buck jumped up right next to me last Fall after I almost stepped on its tail. Hurried the sure thing shot with my 54 Hawken. No deer!! But boy!!! did that 90 gr charge of Gorex black & blue my shoulder!! Still sore to this day when it gets damp cold out.)-- Finished the Fall season sitting in my sons heated stand with my trusty 45 T/C Hawken after that fiasco with its Big Bruiser Brother >54 --Desired a trophy and got one too.>--Nice tender bite Doe

Beagle333: I got a Renagade cap-lock in 54 someplace around here in the house. I've never done much with it over the years. Other than sight it in for 100 yrds with T/C maxi balls. I always felt the stock was short fitting on me when I pulled it up to my shoulder for some reason? Different feel than my other Hawken's models give me. I might just take it to a gunsmith and have him fit it to me. And have a proper pad put on it at the same time. I called T/C and asked for a Big Bore pad . But was told they are un-avalible. That call took place 3 or so years ago.

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