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That depends on what you mean by accurate. Several of the bones showed are very inaccurate such as the bizarre triangular thing that is supposed to be the pelvis and depicting the tibia and the radius and ulna as being the same shape of bone and not showing that there is a fibula and not showing the radius and ulna as separate bones. The pelvis is shown connecting the the sacrum with both the ilium and ischium via an extended sacrum and that this just all wrong. Also showing is the NECK VERTEBRAE label with the arrow pointing to the thoracic vertebrae which most definitely are not neck vertebrae. Humerus depicted in front of the heart is depicted smaller than it is in real life. In fact, the overall length of the humerus is shown to be shorter than the heart is long. That is wrong. Apparently with the shortened humerus, you have the scapula and vertebrae drawn down in lower positions than they actually occur. The scapula is shown as an oversized rectangular bone when it is actually much more triangular. For example, see...

The MAIN ARTERY and MAIN VEIN are surprisingly not as parallel as you would find in real life and the vein is depicted making a strange partial loop around the abdominal and thoracic cavities which it doesn't actually do. There are some other issues, but I will stop at this point.

The image you put up comes from ...

and shows up on many discussion/hunting boards about where to shoot a hog, such as here...

The author is trying to help out deer hunters under the auspices that a hog's anatomy is significantly different from that of a deer and so deer hunters who hunt hogs in the off season are losing hogs because their shots that would have worked well for deer won't work well for hog.

So it is rather ironic that the author puts forth am image of a hog showing the correct anatomy so that deer hunters will understand and yet gets so many things so wrong. The title is...

Where to Shoot a Wild Boar Hog, and How Much Gun to Use

Boar Hogs Aren't Built Like Deer, But Many Hunters Don't Realize That
Hogs may not be exactly like deer, but most folks probably knew that by just looking at them. However, while hogs are not like deer, they are more like deer than they are like the provided drawing.

The author and several others will tell you that the organs are well forward in the hog versus the deer. I don't know what is meant by well forward, but maybe a better description is that the lungs and liver don't appear to extend as far back. I have read where if you want to make a heart shot, the pig's leg needs to be moved out of the way and so you want it forward, or it will cover the heart as shown. This happens on a deer as well.
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