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Originally Posted by Technosavant
Still, to me this should be a both/and type of solution- make these kinds of entries rare and better planned/executed so that such damages are not needed.
I agree that the dynamic, or no knock entries can be, and in some instances are over used. Locally speaking, it is a pretty rare event that this choice is made, and when it happens there is alot of double, triple, and then more checking to ensure the facts are right.

One thing that often is not mentioned when discussing these tactics, are that the SWAT, SRT, SET, or whatever you call it teams, are generally either doing that 100% of the time, or are in senior patrol officers as well as being on the team. Where does alot of the investigation leading up to the search or arrest warrent come from? That is the detectives, narcotics officers, gang officers, etc that are doing the investigation. At times there is mis-communication. As much as we try, I know of no way to remove the human error part, only to work as a team and try to reduce it to as little as possible.

As to those that mentioned sueing the agency or officers. There should be some sort of "closure" and "making things whole again" if it was in fact an illegal entry. It should be more then a new door, and a "sorry" in my mind as well. How much, would probably vary, and we all probably would not agree on.
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