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'Ol' Coot,

I purchased my reloading equipment, used, 15 years ago. I read many books, taught myself the basics and I have been reloading ever since. But not until the last year have I been trying to teach myself to HANDLOAD! This forum has had alot to do with it.

I have been upgradeing tools and buying new powders and bullets, building load work ups and the like. My new chronograph is the latest in this quest to really teach myself about firearms and ammunition.

It really opened my eyes when I shot these .223s over the screens! I have been just assuming that the velocity was close to that listed in the load books! HELLO REALITY!

This forum has pointed me in different (correct) directions many times, and for that I thank everyone!

As for my original question, I am building some new test .223 test loads with H335, but this time I seated CCI450 primers. We'll give it a shot this weekend over the chrony.

My education continues.
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