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The load was 68 gr Magpro w/ 160 gr Accubond. That's straight from the Nosler manual, and it's not a maximum charge.

What I don't get is that everything I did on that day exhibited the same chambering problems, and I cannot recreate it. I'm holding a bad round, a round I just reloaded using the same brass/bullet, and a factory round, and only the bad one is tight to chamber. I've gone over them with a micrometer, and all three are dimensionally identical to within 0.002".

Can you slip a bullet into a fired nickel case?
Yes, that can be done easily.

Verify that the cases are trimmed to min-length spec
They are in spec, at 2.093".

The shell holder should be set to contact the sizing die when sizing.
I'm doing that.
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