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Thank you Mr. Guffey. May I return the compliment.


I can still only speculate on what the tape objective is. If the GO gauge fits, so will an in-spec cartridge, and that's the goal. Increasing that headspace by two thousandths puts you in the middle of the SAAMI new chamber spec range for .308 Win (1.630"-1.634"), and that's probably not a bad strategy for a manufacturer of new guns, as it gives employees a couple of thousandths of error wiggle room either way. Thus, the gal who sets the barrels up could be a little heavy handed one day when she's mad at her husband and or a little light another day when she's thinking ahead to her sister's wedding, and the guns still come out within spec. Sometimes it's worth remembering that SAAMI is a manufacturer's association and not a custom gunsmithing association, and that the problems manufacturers have are often special to the manufacturing environment.
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