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"The Us gov chose the colt single action army because it was more accurate harder hitting and worked when the others (S&W, Remington ) would not. I read the report made by the army, I think few who read it would choose anything else"

Since we're in a black powder forum, my assumption is that we're not talking about the Single Action Army... we're talking about cap and ball pistols. History is history, and once metallic cartridges became the norm, the Colt's were the more sucessful design. That's not subject to much debate.

Back to cap and ball:

For fondling and admiring, the Colt designs are both beautiful and varied. Interesting to examine their evolution and design, and with a large variety of designs they are fun to collect. No doubt they are esthetically pleasing to behold and fun to shoot.

But to really take out and shoot, to remove cylinders and exchange, to use with cartridge conversion cylinders, etc... the Remington design is definately more friendly. When Bill Ruger wanted to build a modern cap and ball pistol, he did not use a Colt as his basis, he used a Remington. There's a reason for that. It's a stronger and more modern design.


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