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Advice wanted in starting a business with a FFL

I would like to obtain a FFL and start a business from my home. I have been looking over the application and reading info from different sources and have come up with a few questions that you may be able to answer for me.

I have been entertaining a few options for a workspace. I could use a room in my house for the business (which would be the most economical) or I could section off my garage for an area. Which of these (in your opinions) would be the more desirable option and why.

How secure does the location need to be (again, opinions more than welcome)? I am planning on (a safe of course) surveillance equipment and steel doors. Am I crazy for thinking of bars on the windows?

What should I expect during the site interview? I know that I need to be ready to start up within 30 days of receiving my license so I will have that rolling before submitting my application.

Any additional information or tips would be appreciated.
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