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My carry methods have evolved over the last 15 years as my experience with handguns has evolved.

First it was big, reliable with decocker for a safety (Ruger P95).

Then it was smaller with a manual safety (Bersa Firestorm 380, among others of this type).

Then bigger caliber with no manual safety (XD40).

Then smaller with no safety (Kel Tec P3AT).

Then bigger caliber, not as big as .40 though, no safety, smaller package (Glock 26).

I've sold/traded all pistols with manual safeties and only have P3AT as a always on my person (running out to store/bathrobe/beltless/church/fine dining), G26 as always on with belt (except church/fine dining) and XD40 (travelling/between console & carseat/open carry when urge hits me/nightstand).

All 3 function exactly the same--point and shoot.

I don't adjust what I carry to what I may encounter in terms of threats--that's just a lotto/crapshoot--I carry what I can when I can where I can and how I can.

I may be in a tailored suit, shorts and t-shirt, khakis and polo, or buck naked in a bathrobe depending on whats called for at the time, but I'm always armed, comfortable and comforted.
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