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help, having Problem when bullet seating/crimping

Iv been reloading for a while now (couple thousand rifle rounds even more on pistol) on a friends RCBS press but another friend and i finally got around to getting our own, we got Lee because were students and its all we can afford. We are just doing 30/06 rounds now and we ran into a problem i have never seen before.
When seating/crimping (with a lee die) we got about ten through it seemed i set it up correctly they where coming out just Perfect, i was so impressed with myself for setting it right on my first try just using calipers and my brain and some drawings when all of the sudden, I seat one and it feels Terrible, i pulled it out and the shoulder has been pushed down causing a bulge right on the shoulder. I thought maybe i had the die too low but the last 10 where perfect and if i back it out even a quarter of a turn it doesn't crimp. I continued to reload and got 55 out 58 cases perfect with the same die setting please help.

using 30/06 with Hornady 150gr FMJ BT. and 47gr of varget (I know not the best choice, guy at sportsman's convinced me to buy it did research when i got home, now ill never trust the guy again)
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