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I personally think its made because its a nice gun. It isn't intended to be carried, but it CAN be. It isn't a range gun but it CAN be. its superbly made (at least on the outside) IMHO very pretty considering I dislike stainless guns. Its slim and very comfortable to hold, Also its weight takes the 9mm down to very manageable recoil. Perfect for new/smaller shooters.

My lady loves the heft of a 1911 and doesn't mind the recoil of .45 but she can't shoot multiple shots very quickly. Now give her a Polymer SR9 or my friends Glock she doesn't like the double stack feels or how the poly frames recoil. I want her to have a centerfire gun she loves to shoot, can get better with, and enjoy shooting with me. Also her having a larger T9 she can shoot with her is alot better then a gun she doesn't like or shoot well.

So combine the two guns and bam. Simple Glockish controls, 9mm, single stack, all steel.

The Kahr T9! (I also secretly wanted it myself but Ssshhh!)
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