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For me, the issue seems to come down to whether you know for sure the intruders are real police.

If you see all the flashing lights and they're uniformed, I'd be inclined to be face down with my hands on the back of my head when they came through the door whether I felt they had cause or not. I'd rather clean up the mess in the courts than get into a gunfight I'm going to lose... the cops won't run out of reinforcements and it's just NOT going to go well, even in a best possible case scenario.

If it's people busting down the door with zero warning, then things are a bit different. This is rare, but it does happen. I'd be likely to try and repel boarders, but as in the above scenario, I would expect the police to being ever increasing force. It seems the general tactic is NOT to stop and ask "Hey, did this guy have reason to think we are real cops?" but to react in a "He's shooting at us, let's get the %[email protected]#!" kind of manner.

It's really a no-win for the homeowner, and I wonder if the Indiana General Assembly would have been better off trying to create safeguards against dynamic forced entries being used unnecessarily or at incorrect addresses. Maybe a law stating "no dynamic forced entry unless someone innocent is in imminent peril" or somesuch.
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