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Seventeen MILLION M-N 91-30s were made.

Go have a good time.

My M44 won't be touched, but a beater M91 is fair game to me.

Just (mostly) finished a winter boredom project on an off-the-shelf M91-30. Stuck it in a small ring Mauser RamLine stock. Mounting holes matched. Wasn't using the stock, now it is in weekly use.

Bore was...a bit tired, but cleaned up ok, and now is shiny.

One hundred dollars shipped to my FFL. Maybe in 100 years, it might be collectible, but right now, it is a project gun.

While I appreciate the beauty of original guns, if you buy it, it is yours. Social approbation should only cause you to evaluate your plans, not to derail them.

Be safe.
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