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Posted by CaptainObvious: Lets talk real tactics. You throw whatever you can at the attacker and scream profanity and threats. For example, I see a mug, a small table, a chair and some books in the room I am in. Grab and throw right at the head. Landing a blow on the body won't do anything but delay their forward momentum.
And then what?

That seems like a losing strategy to me.

I am right now sitting a matter of 10 or so feet from the entrance of my home. If someone comes through that door right now then there is certainly no way I will have time to run to the bedroom.
Some years ago I was sitting in the living room looking at the front door, which is at the bottom of the stairs, and it occurred to me that I would be unable to get to the firearm in the bedroom if someone were to come in through that door.

I had been reading a couple of discussions here. One was about stashing firearms in more than one location. The other was about carrying at home. At first thought, the latter idea seemed preposterous, so I was contemplating the former.

It occurred to me that a home invader might suddenly and violently breach that front door, cutting me off from the stairs. I realized that there were other possibilities. One was that an intruder might enter through either of two back doors on the first floor; depending upon where I happened to be at the time, I would either be cut off or engaged in a footrace to the bedroom, perhaps leaving my wife in danger. And than there was the possibility of an sudden entrance into the first floor area from the door to the basement. And there are windows to take into account.

The more I reflected upon the possibilities, the more I realized that (1) the firearm in the bedroom would likely be of little use to me unless a break-in occurred while we happened to be in the bedroom, and (2) here were no desirable and effective ways to stash other firearms here and there.

There was one obvious answer, suggested here by Glenn E. Meyer: "Why not wear or carry a gun? Simple question".

The place from where you may have to defend yourself could be anywhere in the house.
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