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Assumptions are why you are a lee hater in the first place
But I am not. I just don't use their presses. I have 2 FCD and like them (one after modification), a slew of Lee moulds, chamfer tool, dippers, and used to use their zip trim until I bought a (gasp) RCBS Trim Pro. I'm not as tactile as you might think, I have eyes, comprehension, mechanical aptitude, and critical thinking skills.

I can walk up on a machine spend two minutes with it, and tell you if I like it. If I think it's solid equipment or junk. Thats what I do is fix stuff!

You don't know that that guy ran that press with a bunch of loose bolts. You're reaching...

Not without knowing the story behind it.
Maybe for you! In my line of work, I get lied to regularly about what happened and I have to sort out the truth myself for the insurance company. I'm pert darn good at forensic analysis of broken mechanical equipment.

If you ever get to use any better equipment than Lees, perhaps you will get it then. (You just don't know what you're missing!
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