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More precisely, application (intended use) dictates bullet shape- "Form Follows Function", "Right Tool For the Right Job", etc.....

-Pistol ammunition for short range target games with paper targets are shaped with sharp edges (wad-cutters, semi-wad cutters) to cut clean holes in the paper targets to make keeping score easier..... high velocities are not necessary, so un-jacketed lead can be used.

-longer ranged games games like silhouette shooting need high velocity, heavy bullets to knock over distant heavy steel targets..... bullets are long, pointed, often boat tailed, and usually jacketed/gas checked (if rules allow) ....

-personal defense is a short ranged proposition, usually, where the user needs the bullet to create as large a wound as possible, to stop the assailant as fast as possible, without the bullet passing completely through and possibly stiking somone else ..... thus the hollow point, or a hollow point filled with polymer ......
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