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I will not estimate a percentage of us that would violate the gun free school zone law. I do it daily which I do NOT violated because of the following and for the non-believers the following,

The Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1990 (P. L. 101-647), as originally enacted, was ruled unconstitutional by the U. S. Supreme Court (United States v. Lopez, 514 U. S. 549 (1995), April 26, 1995). The Act prohibited possession of a firearm in a school zone (on the campus of a public or private school or within 1,000 feet of the grounds). In response to the Court's finding that the Act exceeded Congress's authority to regulate commerce, the 104 th Congress included a provision in P. L. 104-208 that amended the Act to require federal prosecutors to include evidence that the firearms "moved in" or affected interstate commerce.
I guess those who have done half hearted research and then posted links were incorrect.

In closing I'll ask how many members have drove by a school, college campus, church with a school? Many a street I travel passes within 1,000 ft of a school.

I would say that reading it on the Internet leaves something to be desired as to what is truth or myth.
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