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Originally Posted by deerslayer303
I'm interested in getting some of your sights, do you have a how to vid on installation and zeroing. I don't necessarily need it but it may help others just a thought.

Oh and is the contest open to ANY nagant? Or just a 91/30?

I do not have a video of removal and installation, but they do come with complete instructions.

You just tap the old one out and put the new one in. I send them zeroed for most 91/30 rifles, but if you need to adjust them, just loosen the set screw and move the post up to lower the point of aim or drift the sight left to move the point of aim right (opposite of what you'd do to a rear sight).

The idea is to keep them as rugged as the originals -- and they are; I test new models with a hammer!

If you go to , you'll see "Elby". He makes sight drifting tools. They're not necessary but simplify things. I still prefer the hammer and punch the first time around, though.

Most prefer Elby's tools. I'm just weird I guess!

The contest is indeed open to any Mosin-Nagant, with the exception of those equipped with 'scopes (snipers/sporterized) or peep sights (thinking Mojo sights or the M28/76).

Yer standard Finnish models are just fine to use, as well as 91/30s, M44s, M91/59s, etc.


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