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correct misinformation

I came across this old thread in searching for some more information about the 35 Remington cartridge.
Thought I might correct some glaring errors previously posted:
"Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa allow the use of modern muzzleloaders but still prohibit the use of centerfire rifles"
It's as easy as going to the Indiana DNR website to confirm.
For many years now, Indiana has allowed rifles for dear hunting.
I personally use a .357 Magnum lever action rifle.
Of course, there are caliber restrictions.

From the DNR official site:
"Rifles must fire a cartridge with a bullet of .357-inch diameter or larger; have a minimum case length of 1.16 inches; and have a maximum case length of 1.625 inches."

"Some cartridges that are legal include the following: .357 Magnum
.38-40 Winchester .41 Magnum .41 Special .44 Magnum
.44 Special .44-40 Winchester .45 Colt .454 Casull .458 SOCOM .480 Ruger .475 Linebaugh .50 Action Express .500 S&W"

Back to the original question: the 35 Remington cartridge is legal to hunt deer with (in Indiana) out of a PISTOL only (because, while it is of sufficient caliber, the case length is 1.92 inches).

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