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Cheapest Shipment of AMMUNITION to Alaska

I have been in the market for some time to find a place that would ship ammo to Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
To date the best rate I have found is $40.00 for shipping from companies. I don't believe that I am seeking anything outrageous but need rates that are at least reasonable. Does anyone have any suggestions or could possible help me find an ends to the means for this!

I am after the following ammo and actually now that Im writing this, if you want to ship me the ammo i'll pay you!

Hornady Critical Defense (.40) (12ga) (.223)
Hornady V-Max Moly (.223)
Hornady TAP FPD (.223)
Hornady Zombie Max (.40) (12ga) (.223)

Whinchester PDX1 (.40) (12ga) (.223)
Whinchester Blindside 3" (12ga)
Whinchester Razorback (.223)

Thank you in advance for any information any fellow user is able to provide!

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