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Its sort of both, but more functional... Pointy bullets have less drag so fly better. .223, .308, etc, were designed with pointy bullets because it wouldnt make sense to use blunt bullets, it would decrease their performance...

The reason for blunt tips is two-fold.

#1, 30/30 and any other round that is (or was)chamberd for a levergun must have a blunt tip, or the pointed tip of one bullet could set off the primer of the bullet ahead of it in the magazine. Hornadys FTX bullets get around this problem by using super soft tips....

The other reason to use blunt bullets, is that the bullet was "invented" before pointy tips became common, they didnt know any better, And if you look at them, you will notice the bullet sticking out of the case is pretty short, so you dont have enough room to give it a long pointy tip.... .22lr and .22WMR are two classic cases of this... Hornady got around the probem by necking them down to .17 cal, giving us .17HM2 and .17HMR...
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