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IDPA & training advice please


I own an M&P 9 and M&P 9c. I wanted to start taking some handgun training as well as start IDPA. My question is, since I have never shot or been to an IDPA event why I would shoot the fullsize vs the compact?

Here is why I am asking and please forgive my ignorance in advance. I am learning as I go.

I'd like to order the Comp-Tac Paddle Holster but it wont work for both guns so I need to make a choice - compact or full size for handgun training and IDPA only. At the range I do not see a difference with my accuracy between the two guns but I actually like the feel of the compact the most, oddly enough. I just was not sure if shooting a compact in IDPA is considered strange or silly since I have a full size and why.

Any advice would be appreciated so I can place my order for this holster in either compact or full. Heck if you think there is a better OWB holster I should look at please advise.

Thanks for any feedback.
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