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Juvenile felonies in the State of Washington DO result in the loss of your state and federal rights to own or possess fire arms. It is a permanent loss only recoverable after the statutory waiting period [ varies with the type and class of the original felony], by going back to the Court in which you were convicted and sentenced [called a Disposition in Juvenile Court], and petitioning the Court to restore your rights. It is not automatic and is not "included" in having your Juvenile Record Sealed at age 23 [earliest you can do that unless it was a successful Deferred Disposition].

So unless you have had a hearing in the Court [County Jurisdiction] that originally convicted you and had your rights specifically re-instated [ In which case you would have gotten a copy of the Court Order].... you are still prohibited from owning or possessing [including constructive possession] any fire arm.

Hope you get it figured out... remember it's one thing to be the oldest kid in Juvenile Detention....Quite another to be the youngest kid in State Prison.

Mike J
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