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Headspace on a barrel switch

Mr. Guffey, Unclenick and any others. This particular American Gunsmithing Institute video was for the Savage 110/10 rifle. Could the tape issue be related to the "floating" lugs on a Savage bolt. I noticed the same tape on the Go gauge advice on the Savage Shooters forum that was credited to Savage Inc. Whether it actually was or some one else who watched the same video as I did gave credit to the folks at Savage themselves.

Mr. Guffey on re-reading my post response to you I sounded like an ungreatfull smart a--. In reality I just don't know enough to keep up with your posts. I perceive that you are either a machinist by trade or have been working on guns for a long time. On the otherhand I only know- what I think I overheard from "some guy" who sounded like he knew about which he was talking, i.e. not much . In any event I appologize for the tone of my response.
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