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I figure the engineers know what they're doing.
And the captain of the titanic probably thought the same thing. I fully recognize that anything can be destroyed. However there are many stories of ruger revolvers taking abuse such as mistakenly over charged loads with no issue, that would have damaged smiths and other pistols.

I'm wondering if removing such material compromises this type of durability

the top strap for all fixed sight GPs are like this. my 4" hasn't had a problem
No they aren't. If you look at the top strap on the standard GP, it has the trench sight cutout, but still has substantial beef on each side of the trench. The WC GP has loads of thickness through out the top strap (even more so than standard rugers) except where it was milled to fit the novak. This is exceptionally thin over the entire width of the topstrap and will be the point of failure if it does occur.

I just dont know whether it is enough metal to still be within the real of the academic or whether its thin enough to make a noticable difference as far as stretching or inadvertent abuse.
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