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I can't see any other option but going on the offensive. The distances involved in your house are not hundreds of feet, but a matter of feet and the intruder in those videos is moving fast. They will get to you in a few seconds. You probably wont have time to grab your pistol or even make a phonecall. Will you have time to run into the bedroom and lock it? You might be able to throw on the privacy lock which is on most bedroom doors, but that is not going to stop anyone. They will kick that in easily and then what?

Lets talk real tactics. You throw whatever you can at the attacker and scream profanity and threats. For example, I see a mug, a small table, a chair and some books in the room I am in. Grab and throw right at the head. Landing a blow on the body won't do anything but delay their forward momentum.

If you have a pistol, then get behind something to conceal yourself and get into a low profile position covering the open area. If you can retreat out of a door or window then do it but chances are the intruder will be moving so fast you wont have that opportunity. Once you see them, you can go ahead and yell a warning, but if they had enough courage to come through the door then they are probably armed and will ignore your shouted warnings. Then its time to lay down a triple-tap and open fire.

The woman in the video did make a mistake. She shot one round which didnt stop the attacker so she had to hit him again. If you intend to shoot, then do a double or triple tap. No matter what caliber you are using one round isnt going to stop anyone unless you get lucky and hit them where it truly counts. If a burglar hits my house then they will be lucky if they come out of the house with just one round. Im going to triple tap and most likely they will be leaving here in the Coroner's wagon. Thats not my fault though. If someone breaks down the door looking to rob and hurt me then they came looking for trouble and I am going to defend myself.

I respect all of the well know trainers, but this is the real world I live in. I am right now sitting a matter of 10 or so feet from the entrance of my home. If someone comes through that door right now then there is certainly no way I will have time to run to the bedroom. More likely, this notebook computer Im typing on will be the first object thrown at their head.

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