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He Doc - I should have known that you'd have the SS "sister" - how about a little incest and breeding those two - it would be interesting to see what the "pups" would look like!? If you do breed 'em, I'd like to speak for one of the spotted ones!

On a serious note - I really think that if you can get 'em at the right price, ROAs are going to be a good investment. With them being discontinued, I think their value is not only going to hold but will increase over time. They are a well built revolver and while not "historically correct" (I just threw that in as I'm sure somebody would bring it up ) they are a "creature unto themselves". They're rugged and made to be "shooters". They're not like the '60 or the '51 or the Remmies that have been made by many different manufacturers. To compare the ROA to those is like apples and oranges. They all are delicious but they taste different.

All kidding aside Doc - I know your thoughts on "holsters" - but it would be nice if you could come up with a "Ruger" holster for the ROA that your cloud display with them. I don't have a photo of one in my holster files but maybe someone here has one they could post a photo of. I believe Ruger sold them and they were a very nice holster. Which brings up another question . . . Did Ruger ever market any kind of a "flask" for the ROA? Something with their logo on it? I've never seen any so it's just curiosity on my part.
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