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I.m new to the forum. I'm here because I need help in reloading 147 gr hp 9mm with WSF. The data I find says OAL 1.169 but it jams in the magazine. I am at 4.15 gr WSF at OAL 1.155 but it varys to 1.150 if you measure every cartidge off the press. I have shot Winchester 147 grain factory. Trouble is they measure 1.115 OAL but their website lists 1.169 for the powder load listed. Am I going to get in overpressure trouble with this powder and OAL load? I have see loads on other webites that use much lower OAL lengths with different powders that burn faster. I'm trying to work up my reload to match the factory load slowly so that it functions for my wife in her Glock 17.
She can run the 147 gr factory stuff no problem but 115 gr factory jams and stove pipes on her. She is 67 and is excercising to build hand strength but for now I need a workiing 147 gr. She can run +Ps but at $1 a round that is out of the question for plinking at the range.
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