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The Nano should have been a gun I'd want but so far I have not been tempted. I think the size is okay (shorter grip and relatively thin) for a pocket gun, I have pocket carried guns that were a little bigger okay. It's certainly small enough to comfortably carry IWB which I prefer anyways for carrying a gun all day. It's a Beretta so from my (slightly biased) standpoint that makes it cool even though it doesn't look like a Beretta otherwise (blocky and chunky). The price has been right. There were a few early reviews about problems with some ammo extracting and that sort of turned me off for a while (I'm not sure if they've been fixed or not). If I get in the mood for a small 9mm I will look at one again along with the P290 and PPS (maybe a Kahr CM9) but I think I'll just spend the extra money and get the PPS even though it's a little bigger. I've stopped looking for the smallest possible 9mm. They are all small enough for me.
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