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Coupla responses.


I have three revolvers on the bench that I have not shot and five shootable revolvers I have not yet shot. Weekend weather is supposed to be nice and especially now that Mykeal and Zullo told me we shifted to daylight saving time, I should be able to get out and change all that.

There are several revolvers I own that I purposely do not shoot.

C.O.M. Sheriff's 1851 pattern that chain fired on me. I think it is haunted so I don't shoot it anymore.

Centaure 1960NMA that I used to shoot, then got it rehabbed by "Wayner". Now I don't shoot it.

Three Colt Second and Third gens that I shot a coupla times but don't anymore.

To DS and BBB,

I have the sister already. That is why I needed the brother. The brother is 1975 manuf so it is pre-warning. Sister is 1995 so it has the warning.

Coupla years ago I developed a philosophy. It does not determine how I decide what to take along to the range, just an observation.

"I like handling my Colts, I like cleaning my Remingtons, I Like Shooting my ROAs".

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government. Thomas Jefferson

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