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I've got the Nano, PPK/S, LCP, and Sig 239

Can I put the Nano in my Jean Then again I can't conceal carry my full size 1911 either unless I'm wearing a long sports coat. I can wear my Nano IWB in a desantis Tuck holster with no problem. As far as top sign 239 in 40 Cal is a top heavy gun too.
For my jeans I have the LCP or a NAA pug 22 may. In my 5.11 tactical pants I can put the nano in a pocket. I'm 6 ft 180 really boils down to what you feel comfortable with. I looked at the 290...didn't want to spend that much. Got the nano for $425. Not crazy about the lcp didn't want to go LC9. Get want feels good to you.
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