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Roger G
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I purchased a 98 Mauser,chambered 22-250 with a Bishop Thumbhole stock.It has what I think are Weaver Mounts. I also purchased a K10-60-B Weaver glass and it has the dovetail detatchable mounts on it. So I mounted the scope,it fit just fine.
Today I took it outside and put in on my shooting bench and now the disappointment.
I see NOTHING. I cannot get a sight picture of anything. I think the problem is I cannot get my eye to lineup with the scope.
I take the scope off an look thru and it works perfect. Sight picture sharp and clear.
DO I look for taller mounts so I can get my eye lined up or what.
The mounts on the barrel are 55 in the back and 16 on the front .I have never set up a scope before so I need all the help and suggestions I can get.
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