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dmazur, didn't mean to imply I thought they were the same, just that they sound similar. Thanks for the clarification.

One point about the RCBS I failed to mention...I believe there are 2 sets of "guts" for the micrometer powder thingy. One set of guts throws powder from 0 to about 60 grains of powder depending on the powder. This is the "pistol" set. The other set (which comes with the press but which I haven't needed) throws larger amounts of powder. I am fortunate in that I have only needed the "pistol" guts so far...even for rifle cartridges up to and including 45-70. If I had to change to the larger set of guts I'd buy a whole 'nother powder measure and swap it out when I was loading large magnum rifle cartridges or whatever. Changing those guts sure looks like a PAIN.

I understand "terminally lazy"

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