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Federal Nickel Cases

Hello all, I am working up a load for a friend of mine who shoots a Rem 700 in 300win. He prefers 180 Nosler Partition. I worked up several different loads using the partition and different powders and 3 different cases. One case was a Federal brass case which chambered and fired fine. The second 3 were loaded with Winchester Nickel cases with IMR7828 which shot great (sub MOA). The last 3 were loaded with RL22 in Federal Nickel cases. The Federal Nickel cases would not chamber in his Rem700. They would just stop 1/2-3/4 the way into the chamber and had to be pushed out with a cleaning rod. All the cases were full-length sized at the same time, all trimmed to the same length, at the same time and all were set at the same COL. He shoots Federal Premium factory ammo, which were the once-fired cases I sized, trimmed and reloaded.

Has anyone else had similar problems with the Federal Nickel cases? I weighed the Winchester and the Federal cases and the Federal case was 7-8 grains heavier. Which tells me its a thicker case. Should I have neck sized them only?

I've loaded Federal nickel cases in 308 for my AR10 and have had no chambering problems,which is understandable.

Any help and advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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