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M91/30 Modification

Now, before everyone screams at me for ruining history and value, hear me out. I want to get into gunsmithing and have a limited budget. Limited as in the only guns I have are two M91/30s. Both are war time models, both in average conditions, and both are refurbished stocks and have no special markings, I spent hours researching each one. I have been battling with myself over wether or not to modify one and....................... sporterize it. I hate sporterized military rifles and when I see them I cringe knowing a piece of history has been erased. My friend I am living with actually had a sporterized Eddystone and LE No.4 Mk.1 They both are sitting there with a nice layer of red in the barrel and he doesnt know a damn thing about them and wont even consider selling them to me. I want to clean them up but I dont have the supplies and he wont bust out money for them so I am watching them slowly fall apart. This is one reason I am worried about sporterizing my guns, I dont want to destroy history. If anyone has any advice let me know, thanks
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