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Frumious -

Dillon's system isn't the Auto-disk design.

The powder measure ships with 2 different "height" bars, and a spacer. The bars are fully adjustable, but the large bar works better for large charges (rifle) and the small bar works better for smaller charges (pistol).

I believe there is a magnum bar as well.

Some of us just don't experiment with loads all that much. Once we get an accurate load for .45 ACP, that's what we use. For the Dillon, the time saving is not having to mess with swapping between large and small powder bars, and not having to adjust the powder bar setting.

Fill the powder measure with the powder marked on it, throw a few charges to settle the measure and verify it is doing the same thing it did two weeks earlier, and then start reloading.

Many, many Dillon users move the powder measure between toolheads and just have a powder die set with the correct bell. It's fast enough, and saves $75 or so per toolhead.

Multiple powder measures are not necessary. (It is a technique for the terminally lazy...)
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